Friday, January 31, 2020

2020 Year of Lavender

A great time for the year of Lavender by the National Garden Bureau. We have lots of lavender this year.

Ideal Growing Conditions

Lavender grows best in full sun in dry, well-drained soil; it does not like saturated roots. Adding inorganic mulches, such as gravel or sand, could help the soil conditions for a successful lavender bed. All lavender types need little or no additional fertilizer, and it is a good practice to provide air circulation. If you live in a region of high humidity, watch out for root rot due to fungus infection. This is sometimes aggravated by using organic mulches, which can trap moisture around the base of the plant.
Quick tip: Use gravel or crushed rocks at the base of the plant for a better growing environment.
The flowers and leaves of lavender plants are used in many herbal medicines and self-care regimes. Homemade projects and recipes include herbal teas, culinary spices, essential oils, aromatherapy, balms, and more. It is widely added to bath salts, soaps, soaks, perfumes, etc., for a fresh fragrance and calming effect. As a strong-scented herb, dried lavender florets can also be used to repel pests in the garden, or even in the home closet as a fragrant sachet pillow that can ward off moths. French chefs use lavender in a blend called herbs de Provence, which adds a fragrant spice to both savory and sweet dishes.
All of these uses add up to quite a versatile and enjoyable flower that’s become a must-have in gardens and homes around the world. And it’s easy to see how 2020 can be your Year of the Lavender!

Dried Grosso

We currently growing several varieties. What we have in pot varies through the season, year to year. In addition to Grosso and Phenomenal, Munstead that we have at the farm. We grow: Mini Blue, Provence, Vicenza. Early Blue Scented, Early White Scented, Vera and the newest we are most excited about Lavance Deep Purple.

We're hoping it will keep that deep purple color when dried. 

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