Saturday, February 23, 2019

July Flower Photos

DIY flowers
DIY flowers
Old and new photos from July plus an updated list. The Weather continues to change dates on us, so these are best guesses from past experience.

Mountain Mint green and silver
Dusty Miller Silver
Lambs Ear Silver
Yarrow purple, lilac, white, yellow/gold, reds, pastel shades 
Pink Yarrow pink
Penstemon purple, soft pink/lavender
Larkspur blue/ purple/ white pink early July only
Snapdragon orange, reds, mix, purple. white, yellow, pink
Dianthus Neon green/ pinks
Dianthus Sweet White, coral, red
Summer Sun gold
Diablo -ninebark chocolate
Butterfly Bush mostly blues/ purples, some white
Peony white/pink/red must be reserved ahead
Alostromeria gold
Sweet Pea
Perennial Sweet Pea pink and some white, foliage vines as well
Astilbe white/red/ taller purple
Zinnia all colors 
Blue salvia blue and dark blue
Sunflowers gold and lighter yellow, white
Filpendula Queen of the prairie pink/white
Foxglove purple/ white, cream, peach
Hydrangea Oakleaf white
Hydrangea Annabelle white
Honeysuckle native red with yellow
Drumstick Allium maroon purple
Allium soft Yellow spray
Cosmos pink/white/dark pink
Phlox paniculata pinks/ white,  purple/blue
Pearl yarrow white mid July
Rosemary foliage
Feverfew white daisy
Burgundy amaranth burgundy spike
Astrantia red/ white limited
Lavender light blue/dark blue- limited
Bee Balm red, purple
Indian Summer black-eyed susan
Shasta Becky white daisy
Purple coneflower Echinacea pink- limited
Dahlia -starting the season
Queen Annes Lace white
Veronica blues/pink/ white limited
Deca dbl. gold sunflower
Annual Grasses  Wheat, millet and pan grass- green
Ironweed -fuchsia 
Gladiolus mixed with red, pinks, soft yellow, white
Diablo -ninebark chocolate
Scabiosa Pincushion flower medium blue, white, raspberry, blackberry, lavender
Viburnum blue berries dates vary quite a bit in July
Viburnum blush red
Annual Scabiosa blues, white, dark maroon, some pink, red
Bachelor Button blue, white, pink, larger bright yellow


DIY flowers
DIY flowers
DIY flowers
Early July Wedding


perennial Sweet Pea

Bridal bouquet

Allium, Echinacea

midnight moon dahlia
market flowers

Crocosmia, mountain mint, hydrangea

Blue Paradise Phlox
viburnum berries
Deca- perennial sunflower

Burgundy Amaranth
close-up of  July petals

Simple petals and vases @ Eagle's Nest
Little Lamb Hydrangea mid-late July

Locally grown Alstroemeria 
pastel mix
Allium flava - yellow fireworks

Butterfly bush
Bachelor Buttons
Shasta Daisy
French Floral Vase @ Eagle's Nest 
My favorite bridal bouquet of 2011