Wednesday, November 20, 2013

October Wedding Flower Photos - several different weddings

Just a few more photos from us. We'd love to have photographers photos of our work. So contact us or send them on. Whether it's our work or just our flowers in DIY bouquets - how about some really nice photos for this blog!

peach and soft orange dahlias with white

textured peach with burgundy touches
Hydrangea petals for the aisle at the Taylor House Inn
Fall Flowers
Fall Centerpiece for rehearsal dinner
DIY Reception flowers 10/5

Now professional Photos:

More DIY flowers
Leatherwood Mountain 10/5/13

Camp Sky Ranch DIY flowers 

Teresa Camp Sky Ranch 9/29/13

Camp Sky Ranch

Monday, November 4, 2013

November Centerpieces- order now

We use all own flowers and dried decor. Peppers are the theme this year.
Mixed evergreen bundle $10 - before
mixed evergreen bundle in your empty front porch urn

Centerpieces medium size, your choice, of red, orange or yellow, brown, mixed or all peppers & pumpkins $50 

small @$35

yellow, red, orange with bittersweet