Monday, August 13, 2012

Simple Wedding at the Winery- Danielle and Josh

Here's a few photos of the reception flowers using the bride's vases. We forgot to take any photos of the personal flowers and I loved the peach - pink succulents bouquet I made so if you have a photo anyone out there let me know!

On another note if you are thinking of doing something like this DIY it took 400 stems for 11 tables 2 people 1 hour of sorting and additional stripping, plus well over 2 hours (2 people) filling, arranging and moving the vases to the table and we are quick, no more than a minute of arranging per vase.

Bottom line that's why florist charge what they do and if you are DIY plan lots and lots of time and forget about a manicure. We ended up in the kitchen crowding the caterer, some places aren't so accommodating. Please be polite and ask ahead of time if the venue will allow large scale flower arranging anywhere.

Thank-you Danielle and Josh