Monday, May 26, 2014

Flowers available either by the stem or the standard floral bunch.

We are no longer taking orders for bunches of most flowers unless they are special ordered, with a minimum of $200.

Listed below are ones we grow and sell by the stem or bunch, while they are in season.

Most anything can be ordered wholesale if you're willing to pay the $$
Lime Light Hydrangea- 8/15-frost fresh- 3.00-4.00 each
P.G. Hydrangea 8/10-frost 
Little Lamb Hydrangea 7/30- frost Fresh -
Conical Hydrangeas: Tardiva, Pink Diamond, Unique 8-frost 
Sunflowers - medium 6/15-frost  1.50-2.00, and small .75
Greenhouse Sunflowers 2.00-2.25 each ( out of season)
Dahlias July 1 - October, purple, white, pinks, oranges, red, burgundy, apricot, yellow, gold 
Zinnia -July 1- frost, 8.00/10 colors: red, lilac, purple, orange, yellow, white, lime, pink, coral
Red and Gold Winter Berry Holly -deciduous, 9/20- December $1.00/ft/stem
Lilac 4/2-6/8  2.10 each 
Peonies  ( in season)- white, blush, reds, pink

Grasses and Grains 6/15-frost 6.00-9.00/b

Lisianthus white, rose, lime,  purple/blue, cream 2.00-2.50 each stem July- Sept (call and ask for this one)

Snowball viburnum- May only   2.50 each
Snowberries 8/1 -November,  pink, white, green 1.50 each
Cranberry Viburnum 7/10-early October fruit/berries 2.00 each large stem
River Oats 8.00/b
Ranunculus April- May
Anemones -May 
Tulips  April - 5/20  

Larkspur - June
River Oats
Muhly Grass