Friday, February 26, 2010

August Flower Combinations- Local flowers Only

  • August - week 1 Blue and Pink Asters with Green and White; Hydrangea, Shasta Daises, Feverfew, Clematis, Queen-Anne's-Lace, Blue Statice, Caryopteris. Or Hot Summer Red and White: using Zinnias, Dahlias and Amaranth.
  • August - week 2 Pink, White, Green week: Pink Turtlehead, Green or White Hydrangea, Green Love-Lies-Bleeding, Grasses, Asters, Zinnias, Green Snowberries and Sedum. Or try a bolder theme of Blues and Gold; using 'Deca' Sunflower, Black-Eyed-Susan, Alostromeria, Calendula, Sunflower, Blue or Purple Statice, Caryopteris, Purple Dahlias and Zinnias.
  • August - week 3 Pink and White with a bit of Purple;using Asters, Pink Dahlias, gladiolas, Hydrangea, Turtlehead, Cosmos, Zinnia, Snowberries, Green grass, sedum, Amaranth and Love-Lies-Bleeding, along with purple Statice and Butterfly Bush. Late Summer Oranges and Reds: Dahlia, Sunflower, Helenium, Zinnia, Globe Amaranth, Lemon Queen and grass.
  • August - week 4 Sweet Blue, White Pink: Using Zinnia, Ageratum, Cosmos, Snowberry, Hydrangea, Shasta Daisy, Obedient Plant and Statice. Sunflower Weddingwith Burgundy Amaranth or Blues of Ageratum and Statice along with grasses and grains. WildFlower Fusion: Red Zinnia, Globe Amaranth, Statice mix, Shasta Daisy, Hot Pink Dahlia.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

July buckets of flowers ready for the Bride

July Flower Combinations

By July we have numerous flower choices in all colors. Here's a few easy combinations we like to use in July. The Photos are Phlox, Stokesia, Butterfly weed and Echinacea.

  • July - week 1 Yellow-Gold and White combinations; using Sunflowers and Perennial Sunflowers, yellow daisies and Alostromeria with White Hydrangea, Milkweed, Feverfew, 'The Pearl', and Queen Anne's Lace. A Purple-Blue combo would include Veronicas, Larkspur, Sea Holly, Lavender and Salvia.
  • July - week 2 Summer Red and Yellow with Red Penstemon, Astilbe, Dahlia, Currant berries, Croscosmia, and Yellow Yarrow, Centaura, Dahlia, Yellow Daisies and Gold perennial Sunflowers, along with standard Sunflowers and Black-Eyed-Susans.
  • July - week 3 Fragrant Wildflowers: Soft Pastels of Pink Phlox, Queen-Anne's-Lace, 'The Pearl', and Butterfly Bush. Or for Bold Colors use Gold and Burgundy Sunflowers, Black-Eyed-Susan, Gold Alostromeria, Gold Daisies, Red Astilbe, Burgundy Dahlia and deep Maroon Allium.
  • July - week 4 Cool Summer Pinks: Clethra 'Ruby Spice', Phlox, Dahlia, Echinacea, Monarda, Zinnia. Or add touches of Blue with Butterfly Bush and White with Dahlia, Feverfew, Hydrangea, Phlox, Gladiola and Shasta Daisy.
  • July - week 5 Blue and White with Gold Accent: Hydrangea, Dahlia, Butterfly Bush, Blue Statice, Echinops= Globe Thistle with a small Gold perennial Sunflower 'Deca'.