Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Choosing Color for your Wedding

While I'm partial to the flowers in bloom at the moment. We'll work with any color pallet. Here's an excellent website to help you choose. Also check our suggested color combinations using our local flowers, at our website. Suggested flower combinations by season

'Ordering in' pewter colored Dusty Miller in the spring for example will add to your cost. So keep seasonal availability in mind when putting your wedding together.
blossom hues
underwater brights

Monday, December 12, 2011

Early Winter Work

Dahlia 'Lagoon' 

Dahlias in the field
People often ask what we do in the winter. I try not to reply like they assume we take it easy. Yet the list is overwhelming. We start with fall clean up, perennials are put to bed, greenhouse tightened plants covered, more perennials and bulbs planted, the 1st  ranunculus are sprouted, all the dahlias must either be dug and divided or in protection for overwintering, the tulips to be planted this year ~ 1000.

My short version. I won't mention catching up on paperwork or house cleaning so not to bore you. I've added a handful the dahlia work photos. We try to grow ~ 500 each year to have a good selection for our customers.
After Dahlias are dug, they are washed and dried in preparation for division
We stack the dahlias in crates, before and after division, they must cure before storage
Dahlia tubers after division, some years they freeze before we can dig them all
Many are compost, sad but true
Our Calla lilies are stored in the work room too

What we hope they will look like next season

We make dried wreaths for the Holidays, each needs to be carefully stored
In December we are still enjoying our sweet peppers