Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well, we've finally able to break out of the rain and the cold spells to do some planting. Squash and pumpkins are in the ground but we are still waiting on the zinnia and peppers to catch up. They hate cool weather.

After spending days digging a long ditch to lay a water line for warm water to the seedlings we now have water, just not the warm water I was hoping for. It's really been a rough season for watering all the way around. Too cold, too hot. Not enough water pressure...... Anyway, I still like growing all our own seedling as it allows me grow the exact varieties I want for our vegetables and cut flowers. It's very time consuming though. I spend 1-2 hours a day and sometimes twice a day watering and fertilizing the seedlings and the perennials. It does allow me to check how everything is doing each and everyday. 

I'm posting some photos from the farm today. Water continues to be a problem out there as well. The pump made for a solar panel burned up again this spring. We seem to be the last farmers in North America sticking a hose in a puddle or stream for water. It's just a siphon. I have definite ethical issues against pumping water out of a stream. When we get enough money we will put in a well or buy another pump to go with the 2 spring boxes we already have. It's a good thing we are on a hill. 

The rain has really helped the perennials. The salvia here, is the best I've ever seen it. Next week is a huge wedding week. 3 Weddings, all small but non-the-less very important to the couples. We will spend all waking hours next week cutting and preparing the flowers for Saturday. Some one tell me why June the 20th is so popular for weddings. Blue and white weddings at that. We're keeping our fingers crossed on the larkspur. It looks very healthy, but will it just bloom already.
Update: We put in a 15,000 well with minor improvements on our water issues for 5 acred of flowers.