Friday, October 9, 2020

Flashback to 2010, October Weddings and bucket sales

early October only for Zinnias
Mixed color Dahlias

Here's a few suggestions for your October Wedding. We have lots of great choices throughout the month. Think textures of grasses and grains to go with fall colors and late orange and red berries.

  • October - week 1 Scabiosa Blues and Whites with Pink Cosmos, Statice, White and Pink Dahlia, grasses and Snowberries.
  • October - week 2 Perfect Fall Week: using Oranges and Reds of Globe Amaranth and Dahlia, Yellow Zinnia and fall grasses
  • October - week 3 and 4 Winterberry Holly, greenhouse snapdragons and sunflowers
  •  October week 5 -Orange/Gold Winterberry Holly
  • October - week 5  Red Winterberry Holly

Monday, April 6, 2020

Dahlias as Cut Flowers

 Here I'm posting photos of many of the dahlias we grow every year as cut flowers.

As of late December we are finished digging and dividing the saved tubers. Planting will begin for us in March. In a home garden in the High Country you will want to wait until early May.

This coming year we hope to start cutting flowers as early as late June with the biggest flush remaining an August- October event.

Most of these are available as tubers at our store:
All should be available during the growing season as cut flowers. Contact us for orders of bunches or buckets of flowers or all dahlias.

Foxy Lady
Midnight Moon

Gerrie Hoek
White Aster Dahlia
Uptown Girl

Karma with lime zinnia