Monday, March 23, 2015

Pricing, rentals, bouquets, table arrangements, arbor and garland

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These are general base prices, please assume extra flowers, special orders and extra time will increase your cost. Pricing is for our own locally grown flowers.

"It looks like a lot of rules and numbers, but we like everyone to know up front what we charge. We work very hard to make your day perfect and we charge a fair price for our services."  Susan

  • We rent wood, wood slices, vases and 8x8" wood boxes made of chestnut.
  • These photo are not of arrangementsHowever, most prices include a flower arrangement.
  • More photos  @ Pinterest Containers Link
  • This is a starting point. There are so many variables with size, flowers, season and placement it's best if you call for your specific needs.  
  • The prices and photos here are to get you started. Obviously we are not professional photographers, so assume with flowers, yours will look so much better....
  • We can provide you with beautiful flower arrangements for $30-$150. 
  • Bud vases, in clusters with 'wildflowers' are per table.
  • Table-scaping with woodsie decor, moss, twigs, votives are per table.
  • Prices for vases included with arrangements $25-75, mason jars @$30- save a return trip
  • All types of rented container arrangements $35-150, the most common urn and large arrangement @$75-90
  • We offer clusters of milk bottles, milk glass, bud vases, punch cups, mixed clear vases @$20-65
  • Any containers supplied by the bride must be proven water tight
  • If we design with your containers, photos of all of them, must be provided 1+ month in advance. Containers must be delivered in sturdy boxes for delivery to the venue. Packing materials too.
  • We rent larger containers.  Smaller vases such as mason jars are included in the price.

Hooks, jars and wire specific color or flower $39  mixed $35
Hooks, jars with ribbon hanger specific color or flower $39,   mixed $35

Hanging Wire baskets only $6 each -rental
Hooks, jars and wire basket to hang them specific color or flower $40, mixed flowers @$36
Hooks only $5 each rental, plus hard goods deposit
We are also offering wide mouth Qt. mason jars tinted blue $8.00 each (minimum 10)

Terra Cotta urn - 
 upright chestnut boxes
Oblong Twig basket 
 Extra large Urns 
milk glass bud vases
larger french floral vase 12" ht. 
mossy concrete urn medium
mossy concrete urn 

 wrought iron arbor
small garland

Our wood arbor -  includes delivery and pickup- rented $175, rented and decorated $300, fuller flowers $375

Our Wrought Iron arbor set up delivered/picked up: rented $150, decorated $300 or $375 for fuller flowers and look

Using an onsite or supplied arbor: decoration with seasonal flowers $300-500 out of season flowers etc will be extra.
Vines coverage on arbor- 

t $150, 
Arbor or larger Swags $75-150 each
Flower & foliage Garland for any arbor: 8’ $160, 12’ @ $220
Foliage only garland for any arbor: 8’ 120, 12’ @ $170

Vines for Arbor DIY : $10.00/bunch 2-3’ Sweet pea vine, Lonicera, ivy, clematis
For tables
Garland with flowers starting in May: $24/foot
Greenery garland for tables: $16/foot
Oblong Twig basket 
oblong white ceramic dish
more detailed arrangement $30 Qt. mason jar 
mason jar 
5"square cream ceramic 
cream ceramic
simple green dishes 

10" grey green urns (2) - nice on our small wrought iron stands @ $75 each

white milkglass compote

glass look compote to give away
set of flared glass vases

milk bottles clusters

Stone urns 
large white compote (2) available - great for the buffet
12" flared heavy crystal $75-90 depending on the flowers, arrangements could be 24-36" tall
faux stone urn (2)- great for an entrance and larger arrangements
 urn size - 13"ht x 16"

Quart mason jar with simple flowers 
tall arrangements are available
ring of flowers with hurricane and pillar candle 
rose bowl or ivy bowl 


  • 3 small milk bottles $20 per cluster minimum $200 or 10 clusters
  • Punch cups 3-5/table @$30-45/table
  • Milk glass clusters: 3-5 simple - one kind of flower- vases $40/table, 
  • Using dahlia, zinnia, anemone, peony or ranunculus @$50
  • Or mix of daisies/wildflowers 3-5 vases $50/table
  • Using your bud vases; MUST be bud vases 3-5 @$40/table or $8 each
All rented vase and container rentals require a deposit or a credit card # to hold.


Using an onsite or supplied arbor: decoration with seasonal flowers $300-400 out of season flowers etc will be extra.

Vines coverage on arbor- most $150, 
Arbor or larger Swags $80-150 each

small compote

This was used on the stage at Leatherwood Mountain Resort

    • Bridal Bouquet $130, your style and color, all peony bouquets are more
    • Cascade $135-155- and larger bouquets

    • Bridesmaids $75 burlap or lace, or jute add $5
    • Small Succulents add $5 each, large $10 each
    • Wholesale flowers for the bouquets adds $5-50, minimum $200 wholesale order
    • Corsages $30, nosegays and mussie tussies and wrist $25

    • Halo $50, bride $75-100
    • Boutonnieres $15,

    Delivery/ setup: usually 10 of the total order before taxes

    • Pickups can be arranged for The Watauga Co. Farmers Market most Saturdays @ $25 charge.
    • We hold credit cards for extras, deposits, hard-goods, deliveries, cleanups etc.
    • Extra charge for packing up reception flowers to be picked up (boxing charge) $25
  • Flowers by the stem or the standard floral bunch
  • Lime Light Hydrangea- 8/15-frost fresh- 4.00ea 
    All Hydrangeas preserved plain or colors 3.50 each
    P.G. Hydrangea 8/10-frost 1.50ea 
    Little Lamb Hydrangea 7/30- frost Fresh 1.50
    Conical Hydrangeas: Tardiva, Pink Diamond, Unique 8-frost 1.50 each
    Sunflowers - medium 6/15-frost  1.50-2.00, and small .75
    Greenhouse Sunflowers 2.00-2.25 each ( out of season)
    Dahlias:- purple, white, pinks, oranges, red, burgundy, apricot, yellow, salmon, gold -2.00ea., dinner plate 2.10 
    Zinnia: red, lilac, purple, orange, yellow, white, lime, pink, coral 10.00/10 
    Red and Gold Winter Berry Holly -deciduous, 9/20- December 
    Lilac 4/2-6/8  2.10 each 
    Peonies 4.50 ( in season)- none promised after June 15th blush, reds, pink, coral
    Grasses and Grains 6/15-frost ~8.00/b
    Lavender Fresh 8.00/b or dried
    Lisianthus- purple/blue, white, cream, pink, champagne, salmon, rose, lime, 2.25-3.00 per stem, late July- early November 
    Shasta Daisy 7/10-9/6  
    Alliums -May only 5/8-6/1  1.00- 1.50
    Snowball viburnum- May only  5/8-6/1  2.50 each
    Snowberries 8/1 -November,  pink, white, green 1.50 each
    Cranberry Viburnum 7/10-early Sept. fruit/berries 2.00 each large stem
    Larkspur-6/10-7/5  10.00/bunch purple/blue
    Yarrow -6-7/15  yellow, red, white, pink 10.00/10   
    Phlox - pinks, purple or white 7/5-9/5 10.00/10
    LLB- Green /bunch
    Nigella pods 9.00/b
    River Oats 10.00/b
    Ranunculus April- Early June  white, yellow, pink  mixed colors

     Pink ceramic pitcher

    Anemone blue, red, white, mauve pink
    Tulips  April - 5/20 
    Daffodils  Stratosphere date varies March- April 
    Daffodils - white, double April- 

    frosted cubes

    Frosted or clear 4.5x4.5" 
    Often used basic clear glass vases 9-10"