Friday, January 7, 2022

Dahlias tubers for sale, Spring 2022

We ship early March and will continue through early April - all weather dependent.  See our storefront for online sales. https://www.shady-grove-

See our Photo Gallery of all our dahlias before the store opens.

Our store in now open. For growing tip updates and a free pdf Guide to choosing dahlia colors sign up on the store page for our newsletter.

Dahlias now available in good quantities:

  • Martina
  • Chilton's Pride- 
  • Fatima
  • Iced Tea
  • Midnight Moon
  • Ivanetti
  • Sweet Natalie
  • White Aster
  • Feline Yvonne
  • Jowey Chantal
  • Yellow Symphony
  • My Love
  • Gitt's Attention

  • Dahlia shipping season is March - April. 

Perennials for Shade from Shady Grove Gardens & Nursery

As we are gearing up for a great spring and summer I'm thinking about all my fellow gardeners that have a lot of shade. Shade is good. We all love trees, but it is a bit hard to work with them if you are used to the traditional suburban lawn with sun and lots of color.

The first thing to remember is nature is much more subtle in the shade of the Appalachians. With an eye for texture and delicate beauty you can have a beautiful garden. Wildflowers are often used as they fit in best. They feed the birds and butterflies. You can also slip in a few non-invasive non-natives to round-out the seasonal garden.

Plan to have a shade garden with lots of greens and textures.

Shade loving perennials.
    • Astilbe 
    • Echinacea  (Coneflower) p. shade
    • Daylily - p. shade
    • Carex sp.
    • Clematis  p. shade
    • Fern
    • Phlox 
    • Hellebore 
    • Peony  p. shade/ sun
    • Thalictrum - Meadowrue
    • Hydrangea -- Fall/late summer 
    • Woodland Poppy
    • Shasta Daisy - light shade
    • Mazus white
    • Oakleaf Hydrangea

White Astilbe

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Hellebore Blooms

In spite of growing Hellebore for years. I'm no expert. I do know as lovely as the February and March color is. Using early bloom in arrangement require hydration and care. 
After that, April, May green stages, they are good to go, in most any situation.

We generally, start listing these as available in late March.



We went Lisianthus crazy now that we have 3 High Tunnels. Trust me they are not easy to grow. But I start several of the colors you see here from seed in January. They will bloom August - October . Quite a time and space commitment for blooms just in August and early September. Get-um while you can.




lisianthus Falda

mini lisianthus


lisianthus Echo blue

Friday, October 9, 2020

Flashback to 2010, October Weddings and bucket sales

early October only for Zinnias
Mixed color Dahlias

Here's a few suggestions for your October Wedding. We have lots of great choices throughout the month. Think textures of grasses and grains to go with fall colors and late orange and red berries.

  • October - week 1 Scabiosa Blues and Whites with Pink Cosmos, Statice, White and Pink Dahlia, grasses and Snowberries.
  • October - week 2 Perfect Fall Week: using Oranges and Reds of Globe Amaranth and Dahlia, Yellow Zinnia and fall grasses
  • October - week 3 and 4 Winterberry Holly, greenhouse snapdragons and sunflowers
  •  October week 5 -Orange/Gold Winterberry Holly
  • October - week 5  Red Winterberry Holly