Sunday, January 10, 2010

May Wedding Flower Combinations


These are favorite suggestions for May Wedding Flowers here at Shady Grove Gardens- I've listed a different selection for each week, as they are seasonal flowers. The Perfect 'Peak' blooms change each week. Buckets may be ordered starting in late May. These will normally be in your buckets, weather permitting.

May - week 1 Purples using Lilac, Allium with green Viburnum
May - week 2 Snowball Viburnum, anemone
May - week 3 White Snowball Viburnum
May - week 4 Darker Purple Lilac 'Royalty' with White Snowball Viburnum, red rugosa roses. Indigo Blue, Amsonia, White Bleeding Heart, Ranunculus
May - week 5  American Fringe tree
mixed color lilacs