Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Floral Trends for Wedding Flowers- My opinion anyway

Spring bouquet

Compote Spring with lilac

Bridesmaid - June

Brides - June with Astilbe

A range of pinks and greens with snowberries

Mason jar with snowball viburnum and American Fringe tree
  • Yellow and more yellow. Seasonal flowers lovers will know yellow is common in April and early May but then hard to come by until summer daisies kick-into gear for July, August and September. Keep this in mind when planning colors for your wedding. June brides are better off using the soft pinks and whites of peonies along with larkspur and lavender after mid- June.
  • Retro Cool- great flowers not used much anymore, chrysanthemums and carnations, both have a nice fragrance and hold up well to corsages and boutonnieres. In general, arrangements will be more natural and with will continue to be popular. Fresh hand-tied bouquets with the 'just-picked' look. Smaller less cluttered bouquets. 
  • Warm colors- 'Autumn's a wonderful time for flowers, as the warm amber and terra cotta colors can be perfectly complemented with the abundance of seasonal berries and herbs. If you love seasonal flowers August-October is the time to get married. Hundred of flowers choices are available during this season. Everything from Calla lilies to Zinnias are in full bloom. The list includes, Dahlias, Snowberries, white, green and antique Hydrangea. 
  • Over-the-arm bouquets- With the popularity of Calla lilies over the arm in back in style. It is an excellent choice if you have a detailed dress you want to show off and not hide with a bouquet. Over-the-arm bouquets are also made with long stem lilies, grass, or autumn berries such as Winterberry holly.
  • Bright colors- My brides are choosing lovely bright colors recently. Hot pinks with oranges or a jewel tone mix that includes deep blues and reds.
  • Just one Color- one the other hand just one color in also popular. The uncluttered look of a single color carried through -out the wedding. Personally, I prefer at least shades of one color and it's almost required if you are using our seasonal flowers. It's hard to match the perfect bridesmaid dress with the exact shade of dahlia.
  • Pure White? For Autumn, brides are choosing soft pink, apricot creams and deep burgundy, always a popular accent for fall. These are being mixed with foliage of silver and grey, using lamb's ear and pussy willow along with artemnesia.
  • Vintage, natural, shabby chic it's all here. Soft pastels lend themselves to these styles. Blends of pink and soft oranges are used throughout the year.
  • Woodland flowers- Well at least they look woodland. No not cultivated lady's slippers, we're talking about loose bouquets with multiple small flowers, bachelor buttons, small daisies, light grasses and lavender. Multiple shades of green is accomplished by adding seed pods and flower buds.
  • Reds and golds are still big for Autumn.  Brides often choose expensive calla lilies that peak in August. I prefer the round beauty of the many Dahlia choices we have in the fall.
  • Less Structure. Yes we're getting away from even the round hand-tied bouquet. Most are now looser with at least a few strands of vine-age and many spill outward with ivy and tailing flowers.
  • One trend I don't like. No greenery. While my personal style is to use very little greenery; I love the flowers too much. I find bouquets with none at all, boring and mono on mono.