Tuesday, December 30, 2014

October 4th Wedding at River House Inn, Ashe, County NC

Lots of flowers went into the table boxes of 'Wildflowers'. It was such a beautiful site and very cold for early October. We were happy to have the right soft pinks, peaches and whites for Melissa.

A special thanks to Fuschia Woods - florist, for helping with this 'bigger than average' wedding for us.
That's her putting together the arbor.

Going for the ethereal look - close up

wooden boxes filled with jars of 'wildflowers'

Bare bridesmaids it was ~40°F
Wooden boxes with 6 jars of flowers each!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

August Wedding DIY with our Bridal Bouquet -Great photos, Great Flowers

Caroline, family and friends put together these great flower arrangements for their August Camp Sky Ranch Wedding. 
Everything was DIY except the Bridal Bouquet.

Miss Matched Rentals on the tables

http://gracielaynephotography.com/   -all photos

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Reception Flower Seasonal Packages:

( Please take special Note of Availability Dates )
• These packages are especially selected to offer you the best value on our ever changing seasonal flowers.
• Each selection will provide more than an abundant quantity of flowers for 10 large vases. Imagine a vase larger than a Quart mason jar. Flared vases work especially well with the taller selections.
• Feel free to add additional flower buckets or bouquets to your reception flower order.
• We have chosen these flowers to give you a full yet elegant arrangement, however if you'd like to add another color or flower or extend the package allow us to help us with suggestions.
January through May - Pussy Willow stems 3' tall 200 stems @$225 - Beautiful Silver Giant Pussy Willows on straight brown stems
April 20- May 1 - Lilac Wedding -purple/lilac colors with a few white. 200 stems $450
May - 1st week - 50 White Snowball Viburnum
July - 3rd week - 'Pink' week with 50 Fragrant Ruby Spice Clethra stems, 10 bunches of Fountain Grass or Explosion grass $150.
July - 4th week - Wildflower- Pink, white, green, with a touch of purple: 100 fragrant Pink Phlox, 50 Ironweed,  50 white fragrant Clethra 'Hummingbird', 30 green sedum $225.
August - 3rd week - 'Hot Summer Combo' 50 Cool White Hydrangeas, 30 orange dahlias, 10 bunches of red and orange globe amaranth $200.
September - all month - 100 Antique Hydrangea $200
October - all month - 50 Orange Winterberry Holly $150
November - all month -  50 Red Winterberry Holly $150 or 50 Orange/gold Winterberry Holly @$150.