Saturday, December 22, 2018

Golden Winged Warbler Field Day -Sunday April 28th, 2019

Golden Winged Warbler Field Day  -Sunday April 28th 2019- 
 Shady Grove Gardens is celebrating the return spring migration of Neotropical songbirds with a Field Day for bird lovers and photographers. 

The 76 acre farm on the NC Birding Trail, its located on the slopes of 'The Peak', in the Amphibolite Mountains of Ashe County. Open meadows, early succession forest, numerous streams & mountain bogs provide excellent habitat many types of birds as well as great long range views.

 Birding watching is open to everyone. Admission for a self-guided walk is $5. Trails are moderate. Most anyone will enjoy the combination open meadow, farm roads and rich cove forest. With luck, everyone will be able to see the Golden Winged Warbler, a species of special concern.  Birders can stay as long as they want, however birding and photography is best very early in the morning.  We will open the gate at 8:00AM Call 828-297-4098. Day of: 828-964-1956 for information and directions.

Come see how Brent and Susan maintain their land for wildlife conservation.

Here's a link to Cornell for more information about the Golden Winged Warbler. The photo is from Cornell as well.