Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Simple Inexpensive Reception Arrangements without DIY mess

On a tight budget? 
Ask about our ‘Simple Single Flower’ table arrangements!
These are less expensive than a mixed flower arrangement, or DIY.  No vases to buy. 
We do the arranging for you. We can also deliver to your reception site

Keep in mind I spend an hour or two on one mixed arrangement. So ask yourself, how much time you and your family have to devote to flower arranging and vase shopping before you go down the DIY route.

'Simple Single type' arrangements with following locally grown seasonal flowers: 

White or pink Hydrangea paniculata- August- September
Sunflowers- July through frost
Mixed Dahlias- August - early October only
Winterberry holly September - November
Mixed Zinnias         Cranberry Viburnum
Lilac - spring Purple Allium
Bulgarian Allium Peonies -June only
Tall Garden Phlox Baptisia - spring
Dianthus         Snapdragons

Simple Single Flower Vases: 
(all rental containers require a deposit to insure safe return.) 

Rented Vases and containers: $20 (number of vases available)
  • Black bubble bowl 6” -glass (12)
  • Clear glass vases 8-12” (25), 
  • 8” clear rose vase- or red glass rose vase
Rented Vases and containers: $30
  • 8” french floral vase, silver - galvanized (5)
  • 5.5” galvanized tin bucket 
  • Bronze colored tins -french floral type vases 12”, (5+6 two kinds)
Rented vases and containers: $40
  • Large clear glass pitcher (1) water
  • Large pink ceramic pitcher (1)
  • Large clear glass vase curved (1) 
Rented Vases and containers: $45
  • Hurricane vase 8”  (6)
  • Cobalt blue rose vase ~12”ht (1)
Rented Vases and container $60:
  • 12” tall french floral vase galvanized (4)
  • 12” cut crystal flared vase (2)
  • 10” black vase/urn (1) 

These are the vases - Not the arrangements!

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