Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Flowers available either by the stem or the standard floral bunch.

For 2012 this is our primary list of flowers you may order by the bunch or stem- date available and price

Lime Light Hydrangea- 8/15-frost fresh- 3.00ea - preserved plain or colors 3.50 each
P.G. Hydrangea 8/10-frost 1.50ea fresh  preserved plain or green 2.00, preserved 2.50
Little Lamb Hydrangea 7/30- frost Fresh -7.00/bunch or 1.50 each
Conical Hydrangeas: Tardiva, Pink Diamond, Unique 8-frost 5.50/bunch/ 5-6 stems preserved 3.00
Blue Hydrangea macrophylla $3.00-5.00/stem if ordered in, $100 minimum
White Hydrangea macrophylla - standard white in photos ordered only 3.00 each
Sunflowers - medium 6/15-frost  1.50-2.00, and small .75
Greenhouse Sunflowers 2.00-2.25 each ( out of season)
Dahlias July 1 - October, purple, white, pinks, oranges, red, burgundy, apricot, yellow, gold 1.25ea
(should be available earlier in 2013) New Greenhouse yeah!
Zinnia -July 1- frost, 8.00/10 colors: red, lilac, purple, orange, yellow, white, lime, pink, coral
Red & Gold Winter Berry Holly -deciduous, 9/20- December $1.00/ft/stem
Lilac 4/2-6/8  2.10 each this year's warmer weather will make these early
Peonies 3.50 ( in season)- After June 15th $5.00 each, After July 4 ~ $10.00 each white, blush, reds, pink
Calla Lily 7/1-9/30 limited numbers orange, red, white with purple center $2.00/stem, all colors can be ordered ~ 3.50each 
Grasses and Grains 6/15-frost 6.00-8.00/b
Lilies-  asiatic 2.50,  oriental pink 3.00, white 3.50
Lavender Fresh 6.00/b
Lisianthus rose, lime,  purple/blue, cream 2.00-2.50 each stem July- Sept (call and ask for this one)
Shasta Daisy 7/10-9/6  7.00/10
May Queen Shasta 5-6 $6.00/20
Shasta Amelia -June 6/1-6/30 9.00/10
Shasta pale yellow 6/10-7/5   7.00/10
Alliums -May only 5/8-6/1  1.00- 1.50
Snowball viburnum- May only  5/8-6/1  2.50 each
Snowberries 8/1 -November,  pink, white, green 1.50 each
Cranberry Viburnum 7/10-early October fruit/berries 2.00 each large stem
Larkspur-6/10-7/5  8.00/bunch purple/blue
Yarrow -6-7/15  yellow, red, white, pink 6.50/10   
Phlox - pinks, purple or white 7/5-9/5 6.00/10
Artemnesia silver 6-8/1 6.00/10
LLB- Green 12.00/bunch
Nigella pods 6.00/b
River Oats 7.00/b
Ranunculus April- May 2.00/stem white, yellow, orange flame, mixed colors
Tulips  April - 5/20 2.00 each 
Daffodils  Stratosphere date varies March- April .50
Daffodils - white, double April- .75 
Larkspur - June
River Oats
Muhly Grass

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