Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tomato Season is not long off

I just finished transplanting the tomatoes for sale into 3" pots. A nice size for a big healthy tomato start. This year we are using completely organic potting soil and fish emulsion for fertilizer. It's been difficult to find just the right organic potting soil and fertilizer for seedlings. But we know many of our customers want more than 'no pesticide' vegetables. Here's a few of the transplants that will be ready starting the 1st and 2nd week of May. If you choose to plant that early take care to watch for a late frost!
Juliet - salad tomato
Black Cherry

Sun Sugar

Sweet Million

Principe Borghese- for drying


Purple Russian- heirloom

Cherry Mix - Garden Candy
From Rene's Seed: A cherry tomato mix Garden Candy
and 'Chianti Rose' a pink heirloom that is thought to be better than Brandywine.
Chianti Rose

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nursery Open for 2011

Our perennial plant nursery is now open for the season. While we bring a few plants to the Watauga county Farmers Market each week, for the best selection you'll need to come out to the nursery in Zionville. We are just 10 miles from Boone off of Hwy. 421 north. Call for directions 828-297-4098.

Little Lamb Hydrangea
We will be bringing tomato, pepper and eggplant transplants to the market. It's not time to plant quite yet but here's some photos to wet your appetite.

Our physical address is 904 Will Isaacs Road, Zionville, NC 28698. (Keep in mind GPS and Mapquest don't work well in this part of the rural world)

Tomato Purple Russian - transplants
Our spring hours: 9-6 Everyday. Because there are just 2 of us it never hurts to call and make sure we're not at the farm or P.O. Box.

During the summer months, I welcome people to call and come by anytime, but our official hours are Fridays 9-6.

Our entire price list is now available via e-mail. Just drop me a line.

Principe Borghese -for dried Tomatoes -transplants

Yellow Plum/Pear - transplants

Sweet Million - transplants
Red Currant - shrub

Juliet- transplants and fruit
Black Currant- shrub

Carex s. a good lirope substitute for shade

Caryopteris Grand Blu - Shrub for sun

Early spring bloom of Sophia

Heuchera Lime Ricky

New Hydrangea 'Incrediball' and improved Annabelle

Hydrangea 'Invinciball Spirit' a pink Annabelle type