Saturday, March 22, 2014

Blue Bird Boxes

An excellent detailed article of how to build Bluebird boxes. I will add only one suggestion. They love dogwood berries. So plant some dogwoods just for them.

With a dwindling natural habitat, the Eastern Bluebird often struggles to find acceptable nesting cavities. A specially designed and strategically placed nestbox can help in their survival. All you need to know are a few basics.

Every bird lover must feel like they are in heaven when they spy a pair of Eastern Bluebirds on or near their property. For those who live in Eastern Bluebird breeding areas, seeing that flash of blue generally is followed by a gasp of delight at the thought of hosting a bluebird pair.
As a participant in the Bird Watching Forum on Dave’s Garden, I quickly learned that THE website for Eastern Bluebird information is Sialis (Sialia sialis is the scientific name for the Eastern Bluebird). If it’s bluebird information you’re looking for, there’s not much you can’t find on this site, including links to other bluebird sites. Also through the forum, I discovered someone I like to call “Mr. Bluebird,” or 2dCousinDave. Dave is an avid bluebirder who gives forum participants daily reports accompanied with stunning photos of his nesting bluebirds. Much of what I have learned about Eastern Bluebirds comes from Dave or one of the other participants who host bluebirds.
As Dave will tell you, hosting a bluebird family is more than putting up a house. It is a serious decision, one that requires a good deal of thought. Because bluebirds face great competition for dwindling nest sites, providing a well-designed and regularly monitored box is extremely important. I strongly recommend spending some time getting to know the Sialis site in order to determine your “bluebird readiness.” If hosting IS for you, your first decision involves a nest box.

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