Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birdwatching at Shady Grove Gardens 'The Peak' (Ashe Co.)

We're on the NC Birding Trail in the Mountain Region section
We offer guided and unguided use of our trails, spring is almost here plan an early morning with us.

The Golden Winged Warbler is a symbol of the need for conservation of resources for migrating song birds. Brent has spent all good weather days this entire winter working on habitat maintenance for the GWW. 4 months of bush clearing and Multiflora rose removal. Come see our conservation success story and support our hard work.

Owner: Brent Cochran and SusanWright
2278 West Peak Road, Creston, NC 28615 828‐297‐4098
Site Description: Shady Grove Farms is a nice mix of open grassy areas, early successional shrubby areas, and young forest. These habitats support a variety of high‐elevation shrub land species like Golden‐winged Warbler, which are easily seen and heard here in May and most of June. In some years, Brewster’s Warbler hold territories here. A pair or two of Black‐billed Cuckoo are usually present in summer and fall migration (August). Yellow‐ breasted Chat and Alder Flycatcher are also present in most years. Gray Catbird, Field Sparrow, Chestnut‐sided Warbler, Indigo Bunting and Eastern Towhee are all common breeders. The farm is nestled under the shadow of the Peak, one of the high Amphibolite Mountains in northwest North Carolina. Common Raven nest here and are regularly seen and heard from the farm, as are resident Broad‐winged, Red‐tailed and Cooper’s Hawks. Migrant songbird numbers can be good in fall and spring, especially in the denser, wetter portions of the farm.
Species of Interest: Black‐billed Cuckoo, Alder Flycatcher, Common Raven, Golden‐winged Warbler, Chestnut‐ sided Warbler, Yellow‐breasted Chat
Habitats: northern hardwood/cove forest, early successional, river/stream/wetlands Access & Parking: The site is open to visitation on Sunday and Monday; visitors must call ahead to arrange a
visit and schedule a guided walk (fee). Check the Website for details.
Directions: From Boone, travel north on US 421 for 14 miles. Turn right on NC 67/88 in Trade, TN. Travel for 7.5 miles to West Peak Road, on the right. Follow West Peak Road for 2.5 miles until the pavement ends. The farm is the first property on the left after the pavement ends. Signs for Shady Grove Gardens are on the barn along the road.
Coordinates: N 36o 24’ 37” W 81o 39’ 07” DeLorme (NC Gazetteer) Page: 13

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