Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring Flowers & Plants

Inside our little unheated greenhouse. This time of year it is full of seedlings just waiting for transplant. 3' tall Feverfew is off to the left.
My currant favorite flower. These blue Clematis are 6" across. They loved the wet snowy winter. A few will be available as cutflowers this weekend and white Jersey Cream is available as 1 gallon plants.
This photo is of week old cut double lilacs. Just to remind you this may be the last week to buy Lilacs. Peony season is now starting.....
This photo from Monrovia show our 'Redwine Lilac' blooms. It is a late bloomer like 'Royalty' which we are currently selling as a cut flower. The 'Redwine' shrubs are still small allowing for easy planting. 2 Quart pots are just $8.

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