Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Reception Flower Seasonal Packages:

( Please take special Note of Availability Dates )
• These packages are especially selected to offer you the best value on our ever changing seasonal flowers.
• Each selection will provide more than an abundant quantity of flowers for 10 large vases. Imagine a vase larger than a Quart mason jar. Flared vases work especially well with the taller selections.
• Feel free to add additional flower buckets or bouquets to your reception flower order.
• We have chosen these flowers to give you a full yet elegant arrangement, however if you'd like to add another color or flower or extend the package allow us to help us with suggestions.
January through May - Pussy Willow stems 3' tall 200 stems @$225 - Beautiful Silver Giant Pussy Willows on straight brown stems
April 20- May 1 - Lilac Wedding -purple/lilac colors with a few white. 200 stems $450
May - 1st week - 50 White Snowball Viburnum
July - 3rd week - 'Pink' week with 50 Fragrant Ruby Spice Clethra stems, 10 bunches of Fountain Grass or Explosion grass $150.
July - 4th week - Wildflower- Pink, white, green, with a touch of purple: 100 fragrant Pink Phlox, 50 Ironweed,  50 white fragrant Clethra 'Hummingbird', 30 green sedum $225.
August - 3rd week - 'Hot Summer Combo' 50 Cool White Hydrangeas, 30 orange dahlias, 10 bunches of red and orange globe amaranth $200.
September - all month - 100 Antique Hydrangea $200
October - all month - 50 Orange Winterberry Holly $150
November - all month -  50 Red Winterberry Holly $150 or 50 Orange/gold Winterberry Holly @$150.

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