Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dahlias for sale- updated October 2014

Gonzo Grape

2015 Dahlia List:

Shipping cost- flat rate boxes -All root divisions are $4.50 each

Medium Decorative Burgundy- limited #
Left to Rt., Mystique, Peach Pompon, Medium Purple
Breakout -


Burgundy -
medium white decorative- limited # 2015
Glory de Noordwijk
Babylon Bronze - not quite this deep in real life 
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Glory de Noordwijk
Midnight Moon
  • Dahlia shipping season is March - April. Those farther south of NC, may receive shipping in February. 

  • These are clumps of dahlia roots containing at least one eye, we aim for at least 2 when dividing to insure your success.

  • Store in a cool dry spot until spring planting. 

  • Mail Order tubers will be shipped March- April.  You will be charged at the time of shipment. Or you may send a check now to reserve tubers.
  •  $4.50 per tuber plus shipping based on flat rate boxes - USPS
  • The current rate is 1-8 dahlias ship for $12.35
  • 9-12 dahlias ship for $16.85   ( we can ship multiple boxes) or price a larger FedEx shipment for you.
  • Local orders, please call for a pickup or delivery to the market in early May
  • divided tubers

1 Midnight Moon division
slightly smaller Orange Sherbet tubers 

tubers before division

1 Mystique tuber division

Place and order now.
Phone #828-297-4098

hot pink medium decorative 
Orange Sherbet - small dinner plate

Dahlia list:

  • Orange Sherbet
  • Midnight Moon- pastel lavender blush on white
  • Lucky Number- lilac large
  • Mystique- salmon
  • Babylon Bronze - orange
  • Breakout- cream with red streaks small dinner plate, a bit of yellow in the center
  • Glory de Noordwijk - bronze - gold- peach medium decorative
  • Lilac Time large lilac fast grower
  • Peach Pompon - small- our selection from seedlings
  • Clouded - white to palest of lavender
  • Medium purple Decorative
  • Medium Burgundy decorative limited #
  • Bright Hot Pink decorative
  • Gonzo Grape decorative- deep purple

Midnight Moon
Medium Purple decorative
Mystique and Glory de Noordwijk
white decorative
Medium Burgundy decorative 
Lilac Time
Medium purple
Bright Hot Pink- 
Lilac Time

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Flower Workshop for Jennelle September

I had a great time helping the Vasquesa family arrange the personal flowers for Jennelle's wedding.
Thanks so much!
Mom and sisters with their finished product