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Shady Grove Gardens
•Unique Wedding Floral Design •
•Fresh Mountain  D.I.Y. Cut Flowers •
•Wildflowers • Locally Grown Flowers • Sustainable •
• Bulk Flowers • Floral Designs •
 Personal Flowers • Garland •Arbors •Edibles • Petals
•Susan Wright- Floral Designer•
Flowers and Floral Design
‘Your Local Flower Farmer’
BUCKETS OF FLOWERS    #828-297-4098  
  • As ‘Speciality Cut Flower Growers’, we sustainably grow the flowers we sell. We produce literally hundreds of different seasonal flowers.  
  • Offering wildflowers, rustic, vintage or a touch of traditional in our designs.
  • Our fresh mountain flowers are always styled uniquely for you. 
  • All these flowers will hold up well for weddings and receptions. 
  • Many people refer to locally grown flowers as 'Wildflowers.'
  • Our flowers are seasonal. 
  • We offer flowers April- November.
  • For the best value, use all, seasonal, locally grown flowers.
  • Susan, works directly with the bride on colors, style and design needs.
  • Wedding party’s personal flowers
  • Bridal bouquets 
  • Reception and table decorations, ceremony, church,
  • Arbor/arch decoration, including flower garlands and greenery garlands and arbor rentals.
  • Herbs: -rosemary, mint, lavender for place settings and bouquets
  • Succulents
  • Seasonal Cut flowers: bulk, bucketfuls 
Floral Designer:
  • Susan Wright has been a cut flower grower for 30+ years, focusing on Floral Design for weddings for the last 14. She has always been at the forefront of the Farmer/Florist, Slow Flowers (Local Flowers) movement, as a long time member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. Susan has training as a member of the International Chapel Design group as well as with other designers.
3 Flower purchasing Options:
Our Full Floral Design Experience 
Floral Design, rentals, delivery, setup, cleanup, the works. The minimum to commit to a full service wedding before delivery is $2000. A personal design consultation is included, but not required. We prefer to work directly with brides or their family on smaller weddings.
This minimum commitment allows us to focus on your wedding, developing style, theme and unique flowers designs just for you. Susan carefully crafts designs with your color scheme, style and favorite flowers, developing a full scale plan. Delivery is an additional 10-20%, varying with labor, distance and possible return cleanup and breakdown. ( you can opt for pick-up with a small packing charge)
 Smaller weddings, can be arranged for Friday pickup with $250 minimum order.
 In addition, some smaller wedding deliveries/setup can be arranged for a fee.
Design plus DIY buckets of flowers for the reception
Usually we design the personal flowers and the family orders buckets of flowers to make their centerpieces. We do this all the time. These items are picked up. There is a $250 minimum for personal flower design, this can include a flower bucket order.
Our website not only has charts by color and weeks available, we also have monthly list of flowers and photos. click here:
DIY Wedding Flowers by the bucketful
If you want to do-it-all yourself, you'll be interested in our flowers by the bucketful. They are available as mixed flowers @$85 or by color @$100. We make every effort to offer simply wonderful unique flowers for you to work with. Design and consulting are not included in this DIY option.
These flowers are grower's choice. The buckets include our knowledgeable combination of focal, filler and line flowers.
Specific color requests, ( May and October flowers) are $100 per bucket of 70 +stems.  Greenery only, buckets are $80 all season.
In addition, to bucket orders you may want to order flowers by the bunch. Use this option to order individual varieties we grow or standard florist flowers by the bunch. 
Flowers we grow: these would include hydrangea, peony, sunflower, viburnum, tulip, ranunculus, anemone and lilac. Pricing for popular garden flowers is on our website. An over-all minimum of $100
Standard florist flowers: these include roses, rose petals, eucalyptus and pure white or blue florist hydrangea. This option requires you to know what you want and how many. These minimums will vary with the season, wholesaler and other orders placed, plan on $200.
We try to work with brides of all budgets; using our locally grown flowers. A wide range of pricing options are spelled out on our pricing page:
How to Order:
For full weddings we should talk about setting up a consult appointment.
Consults are then scheduled as needed. No weekend meetings are possible during the busy wedding season. We work with many destination brides via phone and email.
If you have not fill in an inquiry online please give me as much information as possible on this one.
If you haven't already, check out our website for additional information.
Thank-you for considering locally grown flowers and supporting local farmers!

Susan Wright
Mailing address: P.O. Box 8, Vilas, NC 28692 
Directions to the Nursery and Flower Pickup: 
904 will Isaacs Rd. Zionville NC 28698. (physical address)
From downtown Boone take Hwy. 421 north, 9 miles to Will Isaacs Rd. Turn right and go all the way to the top, to the dead-end. Take the left driveway at the dead-end. The house and nursery are in the woods after a short blind curve on gravel. There are signs at the end of Will Isaacs Rd. Please watch for the 2 friendly dogs and one slow cat. (MapQuest is inaccurate) (GPS is the wrong way)
Pick-up tips
Be sure that you have plenty of room inside the vehicle that you are using for pick-up. There is not enough room if you bring the whole clan. If you send someone, make sure to communicate this information. Flowers are somewhat delicate and do not like to be out of water, crushed or hot. Be cautious using any cooler, many are too cold.....
Take care of the flowers and they will be spectacular! We appreciate your order and are pleased to help you have a great wedding!
  • We prefer checks for the initial deposit. 
  • We take Credit Cards (with a usage fee)along with checks and cash for the balance, required 4 weeks before the wedding design date.
  • Out of town checks are not excepted the day of pick-up.
  • Bucket only orders: the balance may be paid at pick up.
  • Refundable bucket deposits(when you borrow our buckets) must be in cash or we add a credit card surcharge.
  • To insure a date or any order of flowers, sooner is better. 
  • We're finding a few dates each summer month to be very popular, place you order with 1/2 deposit, well ahead of your wedding. 
E-mail- communication 
  • After our initial plans are set, most brides need to make minor changes. Please make a complete list and we can go over it, all-at-once, 1-2 weeks before the final payment is due. 
  • Once your are set up, I may respond slowly. Please understand, I focus on my current wedding orders and brides. 
  • In addition, long paragraphs are not read in the thick of the wedding season, if it’s complicated, urgent or important, call me. #828-297-4098  (this is not a cell phone)
  • Otherwise, make a list of details we need to go over 5-6 weeks before the wedding = 1-2 weeks before the final balance payment due date. I will go over any changes and come up with a final plan, taxes and balance at that time.

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