Flower Bucket Order Form

please fill out everything that applies 
rfor Shady Grove Gardens -828-297-4098 r

For bucket orders only!
Name & Contact information:______________________

Name & phone ##____________________

Mailing Address:_____       E-mail:___________

Approximate Time and Date of Pickup:___________
Will you need delivery instead of Pick up?

Buckets ordered:
 # of ‘Growers Mix’ buckets @ $80 _________

# of ‘Special order Buckets’ @ $95_______(all April -May buckets)

# of ‘Greenery Buckets’ @ $80____________

total # Buckets ordered__________ 

List any flowers ordered by the bunch or stem:_______________

Total $:_______________
Please note color or colors__________

Deposit amount, date______________

Bucket Deposit? @ $5 each #___________refundable cash deposit

Balance and method of payment:_______________

Keep the flowers cool, and down in the water especially after transport. Check the water level upon arrival and again after 24 hours. 
Fill your vases up so they don’t run out of water after you arrange them. 

Funnels and pitchers, and clippers are very handy!

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