Pricing Page - base prices

These are general base prices, please assume extra flowers, special orders and extra time will increase your cost. Pricing is for all our own, locally grown, flowers. For a true estimate, contact Susan or send in an order form.

"It looks like a lot of  numbers, but we'd like everyone to know basic pricing up front. We work very hard to make your day perfect and we charge a fair price for our professional services. Feel free to call me for clarification or additional decor. "  Susan

General Notes:
  • If you want me to price out your wedding, we do it per item. Please fill out the design form on the order page or request one via email. mail
  • Prices include the flower arrangement.
  • Photos:  @ Pinterest Containers Link
  • Centerpieces/vase arrangements: these have so many variables with size, flowers, season and placement it's best if you call for your specific needs. We can provide you with beautiful full flower arrangements for $35-$200.  
  • Guest tables: Centerpieces can be created in many different price ranges but you should expect to pay at least $35.00 for a vase arrangement, most are $55. Small clusters of milk bottles are $20 with elevated centerpieces starting at $150.00.  The price of centerpieces increases with the use of expensive blossoms or if the pieces are exceptionally, rich, and full.
  • Garland of foliage is surprising pricey, especially after the hurricane, damaging vast farms in Florida. Expect to pay at least $16/foot with Eucalyptus. We can offer some form alternatives table treatments.
  • These base prices are using our locally grown flowers- farm direct from Ashe County, NC.
  • Table-scaping with woodsie decor, moss, twigs, branches, votives are per table.
  • We offer clusters of milk bottles, milk glass, bud vases, punch cups,  mixed clear vases @$20-65/cluster or per table.
  • Any containers supplied by the bride must be proven water tight!
  • If we design with your containers, photos of all of them, must be provided before the 6 week check-in. Containers must be delivered in sturdy boxes, for delivery to the venue along with packing materials.​
Shepherd’s Hooks rental: Quart mason jars and flowers
Hooks, jars and wire hanger with specific colors or flowers $39, mixed $35
Hooks, jars with ribbon hanger and specific colors or flowers $39, mixed $35
Hooks, jars and wire basket to hang them, with specific colors or flowers $40, mixed flowers @$36
Hooks only $5 each rental, plus hard goods deposit
Hanging Wire baskets only -$6 each -rental
We offer both black and white Shepherd's hooks.
Yard stakes hold jars like a wrought iron cup holder @$5 rental or specific colors or flowers $39, mixed $35
Our wrought iron arbor set up, delivered/picked up: fully decorated with greenery and willow @ $450, with flowers @$500-700

Using an onsite arbor: decoration with seasonal flowers and greenery $300-500 out of season flowers etc will be extra.​
  • Arbor or larger Swags $150-250 each
  • Flower and foliage garland for any arbor: $24/foot
  • Foliage only garland, for any arbor: $16+/foot
  • Vines for Arbor DIY : $10.00/bunch 2-3’ Sweet pea vine, Lonicera
Garland for tables: varies with flower and foliage choices
Garland with flowers: $24/foot+
Greenery garland for tables: $16+/foot
All-flower table runner -designed on site $30/foot- July-September
Pinterest Containers
Clusters for tables: a good choice for long tables as well as round
  • 3 small milk bottles $20 per cluster, a minimum of $200 or 10 clusters
  • Punch cups 3-5/table @$30-45/per cluster - large single flowers, like peonies or dahlias
  • White Milk glass bud vase clusters: 3-5 simple -single variety vases $25 per cluster  (using dahlia, anemone, peony or ranunculus @$28/cluster)
  • A mix of daisies/wildflowers 3-5 standard vases $50-60/table
  • Using your bud vases; MUST be bud vases 3-5/ cluster @  $8 per vase
  • Hiring us to fill small bud vase and jars onsite -will be a minimum charge of $100 plus flowers. Time beyond 1 hour will be billed @ $100 per hour ( for 2 people).
Wedding extras:
  • Farm fresh Rosemary or Lavender sprigs for the napkins $10 per table with $30 minimum
  • Lavender bloom sprigs: 3-6 blooms with small ribbon tie 2.00 each, July August minimum 15 bundles = $30 (dried other times of the year)
  • Much larger Lavender bunches, dried, large handful, @$ 8-10
  • Fresh Flower petals for throwing, July through Mid-October, seasonal flowers, usually hydrangea $20, 1 gallon zip-lock
  • 2.5 gal. Buckets of mixed flower petals $40 each July through October- for the aisle
  • Small bouquet to hang from ribbon on shepherds hook for the ceremony $20-$25
  • Aisle Tulle draping on shepherds hooks  $200
  • Rental of hooks $5 each, (12 available) minimum charge $35
  • Vines on tables or altar area $50-200
  • Votives  $10.00 per round table, others per setting
  • Edible flowers $20 clamshell size
  • Cake topper or loose cake flowers to decorate @$30
  • Sachets of Lavender $4 - simple muslin drawstring bag, - 25 minimum
  • Pots of Rosemary, < 75@ $5 for 4” pot, or > 75 @ $4.50 - lead time 2 months
  • Pots of Lavender 4” sq. < 100@ $5, or> 100 @ $4.50 -July- October
  • Succulent sales: 3” size ~$5, some $4-9 depending of size and variety
  • Mantle decoration lots of greenery with flowers $300-, mantle of vases $120-300
  • Very full mantle lots of flowers, less greenery - good for a dark room $400.
  • Swag arrangements for doors: most $75, extra large for arbors etc. $150-250
  • Pew/chair arrangements $20-30 hung with ribbon, just foliage @$15
  • Pew bows $10
  • Grape Vine Wreath decorated with flowers @$80- rental
  • Wrought iron small tables for urn placement 30"ht. $12 rental
  • Hanging decor starts @$75 >
Hardgood Deposits: 
All vase and urn rentals require a deposit or a credit card # to hold. Returns are expected by Monday.

Long Tables choices:
  • Reception Flowers: tables 8' (10+ person tables) $40-100, for vases and bud vase clusters
  • long low arrangement:  $80 container included
  • All-flower table runner @$30/foot - see photo below
  • oblong wood or twig boxes @$65-85 each
  • Loose foliage down the center, various types available @$26-40 per 8' farm table. Check minimums 
Personal Flowers:
  • Bridal Bouquet $130-200, your style and color, all-peony bouquets will be more
  • Cascade $150-200- and larger bouquets, these often include imported flowers
  • Bridesmaids $75 burlap, lace, or jute add $5
  • Garden Flower style- bridal bouquet; mixed bright, farm fresh flowers, wildflower style, growers choice. Medium size with standard wrap  $95, Bridesmaids @$65. 
  • Succulents add $5-9
  • Wholesale flowers for the bouquets adds $5-50, some minimums may apply
  • Corsages $30, nosegays and mussie tussies and wrist $25
  • Single flowers, to carry with ribbon - $10
  • Halo $50, Bridal Flower Crown- $65-100 -these are base prices
  • Boutonnieres $15,
  • Women’s boutonnieres $20-23
  • Comb $30
  • Flowers for hair $20
  • Minimum for personal flowers $250 a la carte items are usually picked up on Friday afternoon
  • Delivery/ setup:
    • Wedding deliver will be 10% of the floral design totalMinimum for delivery is $1800.
    • Clean-up, return trips, breakdown: will double the above charges. 
    • Pickups at the Nursery can be arranged for most anytime, free unless you have a reception to be packed & boxed. An approximate pickup time is required.
    • Pickups can be arranged for The Watauga Co. Farmers Market most Saturdays @ $25 charge. (for a few buckets or bouquets)
    • We hold credit cards for extras, deposits, hard-goods, deliveries, cleanups etc.
    • Extra charge for packing up reception flowers to be picked up (boxing charge) $25 
    • Some weekends delivery for smaller orders can be arranged for $200. 
  • Flowers by the stem or the standard floral bunch
  • Lime Light Hydrangea- 8/15-frost fresh- 4.00ea lime/white turning pink
    All Hydrangeas preserved plain or colors 3.50 each
    P.G. Hydrangea 8/10-frost 1.50ea white or pink later
    Little Lamb Hydrangea 7/30- frost Fresh 1.50- white or pink later
    White or Pink Conical Hydrangeas: Tardiva, Pink Diamond, Unique 8-frost 1.50 each
    Sunflowers - medium 6/15-frost  1.50-2.00, and small .75
    Greenhouse Sunflowers 2.00-2.25 each ( out of season)
    Dahlias:- purples, white, pinks, oranges, red, burgundy, apricot, yellow, salmon, gold, mauve pink, hot pink, bunches or by the mixed bucketful @$95
    Zinnia: red, lilac, purple, orange, yellow, white, lime, pink, coral 10.00/10
    Red and Gold Winter Berry Holly -deciduous, 9/20>December
    Lilac 4/2-6/8  2.10 each
    Peonies 4.50 ( in season)- none promised after June 15th blush, reds, pink, coral, white
    Grasses and Grains 6/15-frost ~8.00/b
    Lavender 8.00/b fresh or dried
    Lisianthus- purple/blue, white, cream, pink, soft pink, champagne, salmon, rose, lime, misty blue, picotee blue, mini white and mini rose.  2.25-3.00 per stem, late July- early November
    Shasta Daisy 7/10-9/6  - call for later blooms
    Alliums -May only 5/8-6/1  1.00- 1.50
    Snowball Viburnum branches- May only  5/8-6/1  2.50 each
    Snowberries 8/1 -November,  pink, white, green 1.50 each
    Cranberry Viburnum 7/10-early Sept. fruit/berries 2.00 each large stem- starting green>blush>red
    Larkspur-6/10-7/5  10.00/bunch purple/blue
    Yarrow -6-7/15  yellow, red, white, pink 10.00/10  
    Phlox - pinks, purple or white 7/5-9/5 10.00/10
    LLB- Green /stem
    Nigella pods 9.00/b
    River Oats 10.00/b
    Ranunculus April- >Early June  white, pastel pink, blush,  salmon peach
         Anemone - white, pastel mix
         Tulips  April -> 5/25  2.00 each, Double and Parrot type @$3.00 each
         Daffodils  Stratosphere date varies March- usually April
         Daffodils - white, double April-

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