Sunday, May 13, 2012

Plant list for 2012 - short version

•Perennials for 2012 :
•Echinacea ‘Happy Star’ a very robust white, 'Summer Sun'
•Leucanthemum = Shasta Daisy Dwarf  'Snowcap' & 'Becky'
•Daylily 'Happy Returns', 'Midnight Magic', 'Little Fred', Muffin's Dream, 'Crimson Shadows'
•Caryopteris 'Grand Bleu'™ limited
•        Geranium 'Biokovo' 'Wargrave, Heidi - blue 
•        Ginger Native ground cover - bare root this year , nice ground cover- deciduous
•Mountain Mint- native
•Heuchera 'Silver Scrolls' - limited
•Common Purple Lilac and Hungarian Lilac, Red Wine
•Phlox 'Blue Paradise', and 'Laura' & 'David'
•Rosemary 'Arp'
•Peony 'Shawnee Chief', & ‘Kansas’ 
•Lavender 'Hidcote', 'Grosso', ‘Purple Ellagance’, Munsted’
•Baptisia australis false blue indigo
•Thermopsis chinensis 'Sophia'
•Monarda 'Raspberry Wine'
•P.G. Hydrangea
•Mock Orange 'Blizzard'
Clematis ‘Asao’ - pink
Rugosa Rose
        Elderberry shrub
Heliopsis Ballerina
Celandine Poppy
        Scabiosa 'Butterfly Blue'
Lemon & Orange Thyme
Garlic Chives
Groundcovers:Sedum, Lamium
•Transplants small Quantities
Basil Italian large leaf, Lime, Lemon
•Cucumber ‘Bush Slicer’, Homemade Pickles, Marketmore 76, Straight 8, 
•Parsley Flat leaf
•Pepper, Sweet Chocolate,  Round of Hungry Pimento, Lipstick,Carmen, 
•Gourmet mix lettuce, mixed greens
•Tomato:  Super Bush, Juliet, Pompeii, Chianti Rose, Crimson, Carmello, Sungold, Supersweet      100, Ruby
Zucchini - Raven
Squash Barbara Butternut
Squash Romanesco Italian Heirloom
•Sweet Pea
•Rudbeckia- Indian Summer
•Rudbeckia-Autumn Leaves
•Cosmos pink Mixed ‘Dancing
Nasturtium Copper Sunset

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