Friday, January 6, 2012

Seed sowing help

Nice charts for when to sow seed. They have charts for both indoor and outdoor sowings, ornamentals as well as herbs and vegetables. 

Their nice chart is lost in translation, so here is the link for the list posted below:

This would save a lot of writing on my calendar.  This company also has information to help you with seed germination both indoors and out, along with a good selection of organic seed. 
I must admit I have not ordered from them. I get most of our seed wholesale.

From Botanical Interests:

Indoor Spring Sowing Guide
FlowerS & ornamentalS
16-20 weeks before average last spring frost Compass Plant (P)
Salvia Blue Victoria (A) Sensitive Plant (A) Statice Sinuata Blend (A) Stocks (A)
12-16 weeks before average last spring frost before average last spring frost
Ipomopsis Standing Cypress (B) Larkspurs (A) Love Lies Bleeding (A) Lupine Russell Blend (P) Mexican Sunflower Torch (A) Moonflower (A)
multicaule Daisy (a)
Ornamental Eggplant- Pumpkin on a Stick (A)
Penstemon Firecracker, Rocky Mtn Blue (P)
Poppies* (A) Rudbeckias (A, P) Snapdragons (A) Texas Bluebonnet (A) Verbascum Shades of Summer* (P) Wallflower English Bedder Blend (P) Yarrow white milfoil (P)
4-6 weeks
before average last spring frost
Agastache Sunset Hyssop (P) African Daisy* (A) Alyssum Sweet Oriental Nights (A) Alyssum Sweet Rosie O’Day (A) Alyssum Sweet Tiny Tim (A) Amaranth Burgundy* (A)
Cardinal Climber* (A)
Catchfly (A)
Chinese Lantern (P) Cleome (A) Cosmos* (A) Daisy Shasta Alaska (P) Datura Angel’s Trumpet* (A) (Note: Seeds
can take up to 42 days to germinate) Lavender Hyssop (P) Marigolds (A) Morning Glories (A)
Nicotiana (A) Ornamental Gourds (A) Poppy Oriental* (P) Portulaca Double Blend (A)
Scabiosa Isaac House Blend (P) Strawflower Mixed Colors (A) Sunflowers* (A) Sweet Annie (A)
Sweet Peas Zinnias (A)
2-4 weeks before average last spring frost ornamental millet Purple majesty (a)
1-2 weeks before average last spring frost Quinoa Brightest Brilliant Rainbow (A)
reCommenDeD to always
sow these flowers directly in the
ground outside
(do not start indoors): Bachelor Buttons (A) Bishops Flower White Lace Improved (A) Broom Corn Amish Rainbow Blend (A) Chocolate Flower (P) Flax Blue Lewisii (P) Love in a Mist (A) Money Plant (A) Nasturtiums (A) Ornamental Corn (A) Poppy California Virginian Stock
6-8 weeks
Globemallow Scarlet (P)
10-12 weeks
before average last spring frost
Gaura Butterfly Gaura (P) Grass Little Bluestem (P) Lavender French Purple Ribbon
(P, zones 7-10) Leadplant (P)
nemesia Carnival Blend (a)
Pansies (A)
Penstemon Cambridge (P)
Verbena Brazilian Vervain, Hoary Vervain (P) Violas (A)
8-12 weeks before average last spring frost Alyssum Basket of Gold (P) Sweet William Double Blend (B)
8-10 weeks
before average last spring frost
Allium Nodding Onion (P) Aster Prairie Aster (A) Bee Balm Dotted Mint (P) Carnation Chabaud Blend (P) Goldenrod Summer Showers (P) Gomphrena Strawberry Fields (A) Lavender English Tall, Hidcote Dwarf (P) Lobelia (A)
Ornamental Pepper-Pepper on a Stick (A) Rose Angel Wings (P) Sage Prairie Blue (P)
Artemisia Fringed Sage (P) Baby’s Breath Covent Garden (A) Bells of Ireland (A) Black Eyed Susan Vine (A) Bluebells Desert (A) Butterfly Flower (P) Calendula (A) Candytuft Sweet Candy (A)/Snowflake (P) Canterbury Bells (B) Castor Bean* (A) Celosia (A) Coleus (A) Columbine (P) Coreopsis (P) Cupids Dart (P) Cypress Vine* (A) Daisy Painted Robinson’s Blend (P) Delphinium (P) Echinacea (P) English Daisy (P) Feverfew (P) Fleabane Showy Fleabane (P) Forget Me Not Spring & Summer (A,B) Forget Me Not Victoria (P) Four O’Clock Marvel of Peru (A) Foxglove Gloxiniiflora (B) Gaillardia Goblin (P) Grass Blue Fescue (P) Grass Bunny Tails (A) Grass Great Quaking (a) Grass Northern Sea Oats (P) Hollyhocks* (P/B) Hyacinth Bean Vine* (A) Impatiens Midnight Blend (A)
Botanical Interests Seeds
(P) = Perennial (A) = Annual (B) = Biennial
* Recommended to start outdoors directly in ground when possible.Transplant carefully if starting indoors.
BOLD = Online Only variety

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