Monday, September 5, 2011

Bridal Bouquets and Peonies

Bridal Bouquet early June
If you want lovely luxurious peonies for your bridal bouquet plan a June wedding in the High Country. While we do offer peonies in July you cost will almost double to cover care, storage and losses. Peak season for Peonies here are the first 2 weeks in June. Please note- this is weeks later than the Piedmont.

Peonies were originally sought-after for their medicinal value. The roots, seed, and flowers were believed to have healing properties, and were used extensively throughout the Far East and Europe.

These showy flowers originate Siberia and Mongolia. The large, striking blooms and exquisite sweet scent make them the perfect choice for weddings.

To me, peonies symbolize abundance, there is no need to mix them with more than a few carefully chosen sprigs of green. But an individual bloom floating in a bowl by itself is a bit skimpy for your wedding reception. Multiple vases or peonies are the way to go. Five full blooms are just about perfect for most round tables. Add the personal touch of collected glassware and you are set.

Peony Hybrid late May
The soft ice cream colors of most peonies make any venue feminine and inviting. Peonies work massed in statement pieces as well as for pomanders and girlie corsages.

Peonies photograph well.

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